Student Life & Event Services

Coca-Cola Product Request


Through the UNI Coca-Cola agreement, the Office of Student Life facilitates the allocation of Coca-Cola products for registered UNI Student Organizations.

Guidelines for Coca-Cola Requests:

  • Events must be on campus.
  • Events must be campus-wide and open to all students.
  • Group must be an NISG recognized student organization.
  • Allocated beverages may NOT be sold or used to generate profit in any way.
  • Allocated beverages are to be used at the specified event only. Any unused portions are to be returned to the Office of Student Life.
  • Examples of events where Coca-Cola products will not be made available include (but are not limited to) field trips, off campus excursions, presentations, conferences, tailgates, luncheons, dinners, limited receptions, and class related activities.
  • Coca-Cola products are only available for student organization meetings that are designed as a recruitment or "kickoff" meeting. Products can not be provided for regular meetings.
  • Organizations’ requests do not guarantee that the request will be filled, nor is any guarantee made that the exact number and brand requested will be filled. We reserve the right to amend all requests based on the criteria, nature of the event, and amount of product available.

Requests must be made to the Office of Student Life at least two weeks in advance of the event.

All items are in packages of 12 cans (or 8oz) bottles.  If you would like to receive information on additional products contact Pam Creger (

If you are requesting a cooler you will be assigned a cooler which is the best size to accommodate your order. Please note product is stored at room temperature and ice is not provided.