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Continuous Open Bidding

After Primary Recruitment, some chapters may still have openings. Likewise, some chapters may have openings during the spring semester due to members who have graduated or left campus. Chapters with openings may choose to continue to recruit through an informal process known as continuous open bidding (COB).

Next Steps

If you are interested in informal recruitment events, you can contact the chapters through the information below or reach out to for more information. We encourage you to complete an interest form and follow chapter social media accounts to stay up to date with their informal recruitment events. All women are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Learn more about Continuous Open Bidding here!


Note: Women who have gone through fall primary recruitment and who were offered a bid (membership invitation) are ineligible to participate in COB. They may not take part in any Panhellenic Council recruitment processes until one year after they were initially offered a bid. They may, however, take part in the intake process used by multicultural fraternities and sororities at UNI.

*Lambda Theta Alpha is a culturally-based Greek organization and does not follow continuous open bidding guidelines. This means they seek new members at all times throughout the entire academic year.