Student Life & Event Services

Decorating Guidelines


  • You are encouraged to visit your event space prior to planning decorations. Each space has a unique décor, as well as restrictions, and many need very little decoration. Use of open flames (as in tapered candles), glitter and confetti is not allowed.
  • All decorations provided by user group must have prior approval of the Operations Manager of Maucker Union.
  • No taping, stapling, tacking or adhering to any walls, windows, furniture or floors will be allowed. Wooden sign standards are available for posting information.
  • The use of a helium tank within Maucker Union must have prior approval of the Business and Operations Manager.
  • Any banners or special signs that are requested to be hung must be delivered to the Administrative Office Desk 24 hours prior to the reservation.
  • Decoration items that “bleed” color when wet (i.e., crepe paper) or may cause discoloration of furniture, walls or floor surfaces will not be allowed. (Suggest use of mylar material instead)
  • Flogging devices may only be used with prior approval of the Operations Manager.
  • The use of pyrotechnics will not be allowed. The use of open flame is restricted to the stationary use of candles in enclosed holders (i.e., votives) to be used as table decorations for dining or special entertaining events. All events using candles must be monitored by union personnel and must have prior approval of the Business and Operations Manager.

Policies more specific to Old Central Ballroom ABC/Lobby

  • The use of poster putty will be allowed but must be completely removed by the sponsoring group immediately after the event.
  • Banners and other decorative items may be hung from either of the oak trims that surround the room.
  • The union will hang items or provide a ladder for groups using the lower trim.
  • Prior arrangements must be made for Union staff to hang items from the top trim and/or ceiling.
  • Some nail holes already exist in the top of the trim and nails will be provided for use with these existing holes. Drilling of additional holes will be done only by Maucker Union staff.
  • Stapling, drilling or hammering into the oak trim is not allowed.
  • All decorating activity will be supervised by Maucker Union staff.
  • Adhering items to acoustical panels or the portable walls is not allowed. This includes the use of straight or T-pins.
  • Confetti, glitter and dance floor enhancements that may adhere to the cracks in the oak parquet floor are not allowed. This includes table decorations.
  • Unauthorized use of this material will result in additional clean-up charges for the sponsoring group
  • Anything that may possibly damage the surface of the floor is not allowed.
  • Plants must have container for water drainage and must be set on plastic.
  • Moving carts will be provided for loading heavy items not on wheels to prevent scratching of the floor surface.

The moving of any art display or art cubes in the Old Central Ballroom Lobby is not allowed with the express consent of the artist or the Maucker Union Director.

  • Any moving of lobby furniture must be done by Maucker Union Staff and should not block doorways, fire exits or interfere with traffic patterns.