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Fraternity and Sorority Chapters

Panhellenic Council Sororities

 Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi  ΑΔΠ

Nickname: ADPi
Colors: Azure and White
Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House
Founding at UNI: 1967
Motto: We Live For Each Other
GPA Requirement: 3.00 High School, 2.70 College

Facebook: ADPiEpsilonMu
Twitter: @UNIADPiEM​
Instagram: @UNIADPiEM
www.alphadeltapi.orgLocal Website
President: Erin Hassenstab

 Alpha Phi Alpha Phi  ΑΦ

Nickname: APhi
Colors: Bordeaux and Silver
Philanthropy: Women's Heart Health and the Alpha Phi Foundation
Founding at UNI: 1970
Motto: Union hand in hand
GPA Requirement: 3.00 High School, 2.65 College

Facebook: UNIAlphaPhi
Twitter: @AlphaPhi_UNI
Instagram: @UNIAlphaPhi
www.alphaphi.orgLocal Website
President: Kelsey Van Aalsburg

 Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Sigma Tau  ΑΣΤ

Nickname: AST or  Alpha Tau
Colors:  Emerald Green and Gold
Philanthropy: Women’s Wellness Initiative
Founding at UNI: 1969
Motto: Defining Excellence
GPA Requirement: 3.00 High school, 2.60 College

Facebook: ASTatUNI
Twitter: @ASTatUNI
Instagram: @ASTatUNI
www.alphasigmatau.orgLocal Website
Contact: Hannah Breiland

 Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta  ΑΞΔ

Nickname: AXiD
Colors: Light Blue, Navy Blue, and Gold
Philanthropy: Autism Speaks
Founding at UNI:1965
Motto: Realize Your Potential
GPA Requirement: 3.00 High School, 2.60 College

Facebook: UNI.AlphaXiDelta
Twitter: @UNI_AXiD
Instagram: @AlphaXiDeltaUNI
www.alphaxidelta.orgLocal Website
President: Jennie Paxson

 Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Phi Beta  ΓΦΒ

Nickname: Gamma Phi
Colors: Brown and Mode
Philanthropy: Building Strong Girls/Girls on the Run
Founding at UNI: 1968
Motto: True and Constant
GPA Requirement: 3.10 High School, 2.62 College

Facebook: GammaPhiBetaUNI
Instagram: @GammaPhiUNI
www.gammaphibeta.orgLocal Website
President: Lauren Cummings

Lambda Theta Alpha Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.  ΛΘΑ
Eta Alpha Chapter

Nickname:  LTAs
Colors:  Burgundy and Grey
Philanthropy:  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Founding at UNI: 2018
Motto: Universal women. Redefining sisterhood.
Requirements: 2.75 cumulative GPA and 12 credit hours completed at UNI

Facebook: LTAEtaAlpha
Instagram: @LTA_EtaAlpha
President: Guadalupe Galvez-Rodriguez


Interfraternity Council Fraternities

 Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma  ΚΣ

Nickname:  Kappa Sig or KSig
Colors: Scarlet, White, & Emerald Green
Philanthropy: Military Heroes Campaign
Founding at UNI: 1985
Motto: Fraternity #1, Second to None
GPA Requirement: 2.75 High School, 2.75 College

Facebook: KappaSigmaUNI
Twitter: @KappaSigmaUNI
Instagram: @KappaSigUNI | Local Website
President: Tyler Potter

 Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha  ΠΚΑ

Nickname:  Pike
Colors: Garnet & Old Gold
Philanthropy: Cedar Bend Humane Society
Founding at UNI: 1975
Motto: Once a Pike, Always a Pike
GPA Requirement: 2.75 High School, 2.75 College

Facebook: UNIPikes
Twitter: @UNIPikes​
Instagram: @UNIPikes | Local Website
President: Andrew Shutt

 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon  ΣΑΕ

Nickname: SAE
Colors:  Royal Purple & Old Gold
Philanthropy: Red Cross Blood Drive or Children’s Miracle Network
Founding at UNI: 1965
Motto: Rise Above
GPA Requirement: 2.50 High School, 2.50 College

Facebook: SAEatUNI
Twitter: @SAEatUNI
Instagram: @SAEatUNI
www.sae.netLocal Website
President: Chase Henderson

 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon  ΣΦΕ

Nickname:  SigEp
Colors:  Purple & Red
Philanthropy:  Sexual Assault Awareness Week/Big Brothers Big Sisters
Founding at UNI: 1993
Motto: Building Balanced Men
GPA Requirement: 3.00 High School, 2.80 College

Facebook: UNISigEp
Twitter: @SigEpUNI
Instagram: @SigEpUNI
www.sigep.orgLocal Website
President: Jake Chaplin

Multicultural Fraternities

Lambda Theta Phi Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc.  ΛΘΦ
Delta Tau Chapter

Nickname:  The Lambdas
Colors:  Brown and White
Philanthropy:  Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
Founding at UNI: 2008
Motto: Chivalry Above Self
GPA Requirement: 2.50

Facebook: UNILambdas
Instagram: @UNILambdas
President: Danny Jacobo

NPHC (Divine 9) Chapters

Omega Psi Phi Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.  ΩΨΦ
Chi Eta Chapter

Nickname: The Ques
Colors:  Royal Purple & Old Gold
Philanthropy:  Uplifting the Waterloo community
Founding at UNI: 1975
Motto: Friendship is Essential to the Soul
GPA Requirement: 2.50 and have completed 36 credit hours

Facebook: OfficialOmegaPsiPhi
Twitter: @OfficialOPPF
Instagram: @northerniowaques
Contact: Alfonzo Lambert