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FSL- Fraternitiy Chapters

Kappa Sigma

Letters:  ΚΣ
Nickname:  Kappa Sig or KSig
Colors: Scarlet, White, & Emerald Green
Philanthropy: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Websites/Social Media:

Facebook- KappaSigmaUNI 
Twitter- @KappaSigmaUNI
www.kappasigma.orgLocal Website

Founding at UNI: 1985
Motto:  “Kappa Sigma, #1, Second to None”
GPA Requirement: 3.00 High School, 2.50 College
President: Nathan Vore

Pi Kappa Alpha

Letters:  ΠΚΑ
Nickname:  Pike
Colors:  Garnet & Old Gold
Philanthropy: Cedar Bend Humane Society

Websites/Social Media:

Facebook- Pi-Kappa-Alpha-Thta-Zeta-Chapter 
Twitter- @UNI_TZ_Pikes | Local Website

Founding at UNI: 1975
Motto:  “Once a Pike, Always a Pike”
GPA Requirement: 2.70 High School, 2.70 College
President: Trenton Bartlett


Pi Lambda Phi - Colony Fall 2016

Letters:  ΠΛΦ
Nickname:  Pilam
Colors:  Purple & Gold
Philanthropy:  Elimination of Prejudice

Websites/Social Media:

Facebook- PilamUNI
Twitter- @pilam_uni

Motto: “Not Four Years, But A Lifetime”
GPA Requirement: 2.70 High School, 2.70 College
President: Collin Burns


Sigma Phi Epsilon

Letters:  ΣΦΕ
Nickname:  SigEp
Colors:  Purple & Red
Philanthropy:  Sexual Assault Awareness Week/Big Brothers Big Sisters

Websites/Social Media:

Facebook- UNISigEp  
Twitter- @SigEpUNI
www.sigep.orgLocal Website

Founding at UNI: 1993
Motto: “Breaking Barriers, Building Leaders”
GPA Requirement: 3.00 High School, 2.80 College
President: Jared Riter 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Letters:  ΣΑΕ
Nickname: SAE
Colors:  Royal Purple & Old Gold
Philanthropy: Red Cross Blood Drive or Children’s Miracle Network

Websites/Social Media:

Facebook- SAEatUNI 
Twitter- @UNI_SAE
www.sae.netLocal Website

Founding at UNI: 1965
Motto:  “Phi Alpha”
GPA Requirement: 2.50 High School, 2.50 College
President: Josh Dhainin