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Maucker Union Table Tent Request

As a precautionary measure to lessen non-essential touch points, the university has advised that table tent reservations through the spring semester be suspended. We understand the need to communicate your information and activities to the university community is important and want to assist you to the best of our ability. Links to additional Maucker Union marketing opportunities are listed below and are available to university departments and registered student organizations.

Southwest Building Entrance Marquee (outside)

Maucker Union Entrance Digital Monitors (inside)

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Event Services, 319-273-2256.


Customer Information

Required Only for Non-University Groups.

Table Tent Guidelines

Table tents may be placed on the Coffeehouse and Hemisphere Lounge tables only. One table tent per customer/table will be permitted at any one time.

Table tents are defined as three-dimensional, free standing items. Flyers or quarter sheets laying on tables are not permitted.

Table tents will be allowed to remain for two (2) days (Monday-Tuesday) or (Wednesday-Thursday) or for three (3) days (Friday-Sunday) during the academic year depending on availability.

Table tent space is not available during the summer due to building scheduling.

Groups may only reserve table tent space once per month (Dates must be four (4) weeks apart) depending on availability.

Only recognized university organizations/departments are allowed to use this service and are responsible for distributing their table tents. Union staff will dispose of table tents at the end of the reservation.

Approximately 125 table tents are needed for the Coffeehouse and Hemisphere Lounge tables.

Dates Requesting
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2nd Request
3rd Request
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