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Student Life Team Alumni

SLT CJ  Cj Aldape 

  Chicago, IL
  Math Teaching

  "I would tell a first year student to get involved in at least one organization and  branch out when you feel comfortable. It is important   to start out involved instead of regretting how you could have ended up in leadership if you would have just gotten involved earlier."


SLT Alisa  Alisa Altman

  Algona, IA
  Elementary Education

  "When I first came to UNI I did not realize all of the opportunities that were available to me. At the end of my first semester, I realized   the importance of joining student organizations. They not only help you step out of your comfort zone but they help you gain   leadership skills. I encourage everyone to become involved right away. I already feel like I have a home at UNI."

SLT Farhan  Farhan Bin Amjad

  Islamabad, Pakistan
  Digital Media Production and Computer Science

  "I took a plunge and ventured inwardly to places I would have never explored otherwise and delved into ambiguity, uncertainty and     even fear. And in my life, I have found that it is these places that have pushed me forward. So get involved on campus and make the   most out of college.

 SLT Mahlia Mahlia Brown

   Marion, IA

 The first reason I got involved on campus was to make friends. I wanted to find my place here at UNI and knew I would by meeting   new people and putting myself out there. By doing so, I grew in my personal passions, met amazing and supportive friends, and   developed my relationships and connections with faculty and staff. The second reason I continue to stay involved is so I can give   back. I want to make sure other Panthers have the amazing support system and opportunities to find their niche here at UNI. There   are so many amazing orgs and initiatives to engage in and I want to help people find the right fit for them that allows them to grow   and feel at home. We all have a path to follow and I just want to continue on mine and help people discover theirs.

   SLT Beto Adalberto Castrejon

    Des Moines, IA


 SLT RyanRyan Frank ​

  Cedar Rapids, IA
  Social Work & Spanish

 “I got involved because I value the importance of pursuing your passions, and opening yourself to new ideas and challenges. In   college, you typically choose 1 or 2 academic disciplines and follow that path. But there is so much more to this university, and the   people in it than academics. You can be passionate about so many places and subjects and activities; you can also be curious and   experimental with the things you invest your time into at UNI. Student orgs can function as avenues for pursuing those passions, as   well as finding more of yourself by allowing your curiosity to take you places you’ve never been!”



SLT Mallory  Mallory Johnson

   Garner, IA

    "Being involved in student organizations has given me endless opportunities and enhanced my college experience so much. I'm   grateful for the opportunities UNI has for all students to be able to find their niche and thrive."

SLT Damond  Damond Jones

  Cedar Rapids, IA

  "I wanted to get involved at college because I didn't want to go back to how I was in high school.  I wanted to get out of my comfort   zone and get involved."


 SLT Megan Megan Lenstra

  Dubuque, IA
  Communication--Theatre teaching & English Teaching

  "Student organizations have shaped my life tremendously.  I have learned more about the world as well as myself from the opportunities at UNI. My advice is to get involved as soon as you can; opportunity will change your life."

SLT Josh  Joshua Malek

    Roselle, IA
    Middle & Elementary Education

    "Positivity, confidence and persistence are key in life so never give up on yourself."  --Khalid

Spencer Navara

  Grimes, IA
  Global Studies

  "Student organizations have helped me meet my best friends here at UNI and I am so grateful for that."

SLT Allie  Allie Noggle

    Robins, IA
    Finance & Marketing

    "Getting involved on campus allows you to meet so many new people, challenges you to grow and shows you what it means to   have a Panther Community.  Without all of the organizations I have joined I would not be who I am today."

SLT Josh O  Precious (Josh) Osoba 

  Ondo, Nigeria
  Computer Science, Economics & Quantitative Techniques

   "Coming to UNI I told myself I wasn't going to get involved because I was an extreme introvert and I was very shy.  But as time went   on, It was absolutely impossible not to get involved. I started with soccer intramurals and now I am currently involved in 10 student     organizations on campus, that are all molding me into who I want to be in the future. They are helping me to develop a set of   leadership   skills I will use now and after college life. I have made tons of amazing friends, made precious memories and I have   become and extrovert.  Please get involved today and discover where you belong."

SLT Chad  Chad Schafer

   Eldridge, IA
   Social Science Teaching

   "Never forget who you are because the rest of the world will not."

SLT Austin  Austin Schmuecker

    Cedar Rapids, IA
    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

    "What has made my UNI experience so worthwhile is due to my involvement. I have met all different types of people working to achieve   their own goals. This has helped me find my own, as well as motivated me to continue to stay involved. I want to express the importance   of getting involved, so you too can have your own unique UNI experience."