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Maucker Union
Policies and Procedures
Political Activities

(March 2014)



1201. Reservations

1201.1 Recognized student organizations, University departments, and public groups may reserve Maucker Union space for political activities.

1201.1.1 Partisan political activities are defined as those activities which:

  • have as their purpose the endorsement, support, or advancement of a politically affiliated cause, organization, party, or candidate; and which
  • do not provide equal representation of all views or candidates related to the political debate, campaign, election or ballot issue.

1201.1.2 Non-partisan political activities are defined as those activities for which:

  • an invitation to participate has been extended to all parties, candidates, or organizations related to all sides of the cause; and at which
  • Campaign fundraising is prohibited; and at which
  • the activity consists of panel discussions, speeches, question and answer sessions or similar communications in an academic-oriented setting, and is not conducted as a campaign rally or event.

1201.2 Activities related to Northern Iowa Student Government student elections are not considered political activities subject to fees or charges under this policy.

1201.3 The routine business and planning meetings of politically-based student organizations are not considered political activities subject to fees or charges under this policy.

1201.4 As required by the Iowa Code, precinct caucuses and official satellite voting activities will be consideed as "A" group activitiess, and no room rentals will be charged.

1201.5 Partisan political activities sponsored by recognized student organizations, and non-partisan activities sponsored by recognized student organizations and University departments will be considered as "A" group activities, and no room rentals will be charged.

1201.5.1 Registered student organizations and University departments may not reserve space for other organizations for the purpose of lower rates or to extend limitations for reservations as outlined in Maucker Union policies. The organization or individual who holds the reservation must be primarily responsible for planning, implementing, and financing the event. Maucker Union reserves the right to evaluate and make final determination of appropriate rates. If intentional misrepresentation has occurred, this may result in suspension of reservation privileges in Maucker Union for the organization that holds the reservation, in addition to being charged as a non-"A" group under the rate structures.

A determination of whether or not a partisan political activity is sponsored by a student organization will be made based on the following criteria:

  • Student members of the student organization make all event arrangements.
  • The student organization is listed as the sponsor of the event on all advertisement.
  • The student organization account number is provided for any equipment and set up charges which are incurred for the event.

1201.6 An explicit statement shall made in all printed materials related to the political activity, and at the event itself, stating that the University of Northern Iowa does not support or oppose the candidate or viewpoint being presented.

1201.7 Regular maintenance, set-up and equipment use fees will be applied according to the Maucker Union fee schedule.

1201.8 Political activities sponsored by public groups will be charged the full "C" Group rental fee.

1201.9 All parties sponsoring political activities are required to follow all other relevant Maucker Union policies.

1202. Fees

1202.1 All rental fees must be paid in advance, at the time of reservation.

1202.2 Any predetermined charges must be paid in full prior to the start of the event.

1202.3 Failure to pay rental fees or other charges will result in cancellation of the event.