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Social Policy & Forms

Community Policies

  • FSL Social Policy

    • As defined in Social Policy Section 1, the purpose of the policy is
      • To assist fraternities and sororities in the planning and execution of safe social functions.
      • To raise awareness amongst Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) members of the level of risk that occurs at social functions, and to put into place the policies and procedures to reduce the level of risk.
      • To provide continuous education regarding FSL social functions.
      • To promote responsible alcohol use by all FSL members.
      • To exemplify and uphold our fraternal values.
  • Office of Student Life Event Monitor Policy

    • As defined in the Event Monitor Policy, the purpose of the policy is to
      • Promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion and respect.
      • Provide students with knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent toxic drinking deaths.
      • Build confidence in students to intervene on behalf of another through bystander training specific to toxic drinking situations.
      • Create a consistent expectation across all FSL chapters regarding Event Monitors.
  • Anti-Hazing Policy

    • Fraternities and sororities are governed by Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and National Pan-Hellenic Council polices; inter/national organizational policies; university policies for student organizations as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct; and city, state and federal laws. The University of Northern Iowa and all members of the university community support zero tolerance to those who allow and/or facilitate hazing activities. 

Policy Education

According to Social Policy Section X.1.
All chapters have an obligation to educate their members on this policy. The IFC and PHC executives will provide a presentation geared towards new members. This presentation will be given at the chapter level, facilitated by an IFC or PHC Executive member from their respective chapter in conjunction with their chapter’s new member educator, and will occur at the beginning of each semester and/or before the first social event with alcohol if new members have been added to the chapter.
Each semester, chapters must complete the form below when the IFC or PHC executive presents the FSL Social Policy Presentation to your chapter and submit the form to the Office of Student Life.

Event Registration

Chapters must follow Social Policy Sections IV and V when scheduling and registering a social events. The appropriate forms below must be submitted on time to the Office of Student Life. Event approval status can be found on the FSL Event Google Calendar.
  1. Social Event Notification Form

    • To be completed 2 weeks prior to the chapter event with alcohol (Type A).

  2. Pre- Social Event Form

    • To be completed 2 days prior to the event with alcohol (Type A).
      • Must include Pre-Guest List, which suggested template can be found here.
      • Must include list of eligible event monitors, which list of eligible members can be found here.
  3. Post-Social Event Form

    • To be completed by the the immediate school day following the event with alcohol (Type A).
      • Must include Post-Guest List, which includes signatures of all members and guest who attended.
      • Must include list of eligible event monitors who successfully completed responsibilities.

Third Party Vendors

Every academic year, Third Party Vendors must complete the Third Party Vendor checklist and be approved by the Office of Student Life. Chapters are only allowed to hold events that have been approved. The Third Party Vendors listed in the document below have been approved as acceptable locations for the 19-20 academic year. If you wish to submit a Third Party Vendor for approval, please contact the Office of Student Life at 319-273-2683 or Taberie Van Boening, Program Assistant.

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