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Sorority Recruitment Q&A

How many sororities at UNI participate in sorority recruitment?
There are five sororities that participate in sorority recruitment. All five sororities are associated with national or international organizations. Their national and local websites are a great place to find more information! Learn more about the chapters at UNI.

What are the requirements for joining a sorority?
Each sorority will have different requirements. All have a minimum GPA you will need to maintain upon joining.

If I go through recruitment do I have to join a sorority?
Participating in recruitment does not obligate you to join. Recruitment is a time to meet new people and explore the opportunities and benefits of Greek Life!

Do I have to live in the chapter house?
Most chapters have a one year live-in policy, however, not all women get the opportunity to live in a chapter house. This would be a great question to ask each chapter during the sorority recruitment process.

What do I wear?
The most important thing about sorority recruitment is to be yourself! Dress and be comfortable in what you're wearing. You will be doing a good deal of walking, so be sure to have comfortable shoes too! If you are still unsure, here are some suggestions.
       Meet the chapters: Recruitment t-shirt (provided) and casual bottoms (capris, shorts, khakis, nice shorts, skirt or jeans)
       Philanthropy: Casual top, Capris, shorts, khakis, nice shorts, skirt, or jeans.
       Preference: Dress, skirt, or a nice outfit.
       Bid Day: Casual, Jeans and a t-shirt. *You will be given a Bid Day shirt so you may want to wear a tank top underneath.

What are the requirements for going through sorority recruitment?

  • Completing your registration form.
  • Paying the registration fee.
  • Attending the scheduled events for sorority recruitment.
  • Having a great attitude and being yourself!

What should I talk about during sorority recruitment?
The most important thing to remember is: Be Yourself! Don't be afraid to ask questions because it is very important for you to get to know the women and the chapters! Some questions you may want to ask are:

  • What are the expectations of your new member program?
  • What is your philanthropy?
  • What kind of academic program do you have?
  • What campus activities is your sorority or its members involved in?
  • What's your favorite part about being Greek?
  • What leadership opportunities are there?

Will sorority membership affect my grades?
YES! All chapters emphasize high academic standards. There is recognition for those who excel academically in addition to programs and support for those who may be struggling in their academic pursuits.

What should I do if I have questions or feel uncomfortable?
First and foremost, it is natural to have questions and to feel uneasy during recruitment. If you have questions or concerns you can talk with any of the Rho Gammas, the Recruitment Team, or the Panhellenic Advisor. We're here for you day and night. We all want you to have the best experience possible.