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What is the Student Life Team?

The Student Life Team believes that all students can become exceptional leaders, and that leadership is a lifelong process of learning and growth. Our team offers a variety of programs designed to help students become stronger and more effective leaders. Our team is made up of 18 experienced student leaders from all forms of backgrounds, majors, locations, interests, and passions at the University of Northern Iowa.


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Looking to get involved?  The Student Life Team is looking for new members to join their team.

Student Life Team is a student-led organization that represent the Office of Student Life.  Their vision is to engage current and transfer students in opportunities to get involved with at UNI. The purpose of the organization is to connect students to avenues of shared experiences,  promote student engagement, provide resources to the existing 280+ organizations and potential student organizations, and encourage student leadership and development through their involvement in student organizations. The Student Life Team provides one on one consultations, hands on training, group presentations and workshops that help connect student to resources that are available through the Office of Student Life.


Must be enrolled as a full time student at UNI
Must have a 2.5 gpa or higher
Must be available for bi-weekly meetings, training sessions, some evenings and weekends
Available got the UNI Now program
Must be able to schedule office hours for one on one meetings
Ability to speak in front of large groups of people
Passionate about UNI
Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
Members will be selected through an application and interview
Volunteer hours will fluctuate on a weekly bases

**Personal characteristics for this position include: knowledge of UNI resources, connectedness to and involvement on campus, approachability, ability to role model, ability to maintain confidentiality, dependability, flexibility, appreciation of diversity, and good communication skills.


Leadership training and experience
Opportunity to develop professional and personal relationships with faculty, staff and students.
Develop an understanding of campus traditions, policies and procedures and event planning.

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