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Student Life Team Focus Areas


Recognition & Recruitment

UNI student organizations have great members and are doing great programs and events.  We want to recognize these students and programs.  Each month the Student Life Team will select members, advisors, events and programs to recognize. 

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Looking for creative ways to recruit new students to your student organization.  Stop by the Student Life Team and visit with one of our members.  They will help you brainstorm ideas that may help your organization meet potential new members and educate students on the value of your organization.



Recognition & Recruitment

Tabling Committee

Student Organization Showcase & Teambuilding

There are numerous opportunities for student organizations to showcase their mission and passions. From prospective student Panther Open Houses, admitted students Up Close days, summer orientation, UNI Now and the student organization fair in the fall.  The Student Life Team is responsible for organizing, implementing and educating student groups on how to best showcase their organizations. 

 Building a solid team comes in many forms. Let the Student Life Team help you with tips on how to run a meeting, group energizers, ice breakers and teambuilding activities.  They can help your organization come up with great ideas on how to motivate and recognize your members.



Maucker Union Live

The Student Life Team is committed to providing you with engaging daytime entertainment in the Union.  Showcasing talented UNI students several times a week over the lunch hour. They also host a large scale event for UNI Now for new students and a spring event called Maucker Union Live "After Dark".

Upcoming events




MU Live Committee




Student Life Education

The Student Life Team offers numerous opportunities for students to engage in leadership workshops. From teambuilding, recruitment, retention and recognition students will develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that will assist them in creating strong student groups and members! Whether you are new to a leadership position or have been engaged in leadership for years, there is something for you! 

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Communication Team

The Student Life Team Communication Team works to provide content for the Office of Student Life Social Media platforms.  They also work to create content to educate student organizations on all of the resources provided by the Office of Student Life and the Student Life Team.

Communications Team