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Student Org Funding

Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) funds are made available to student organizations that work to meet the educational mission of the University through academic, cultural, and personal growth. Receiving NISG funds is a privilege and not a right; therefore, these guidelines have been adopted to establish a procedure to facilitate distribution of these funds. The Organization and Finance Committee and Northern Iowa Student Government shall abide by the guidelines set forth in this document. As established in the Constitution, the Organization and Finance Committee shall serve as the primary examiner of all requests with final approval of recognition and contingency funding from the Northern Iowa Student Government Senate.
NISG Funding & Recognition Guidelines

NISG Yearly Budget Process
Student Organization's may apply for funding for the following school year during the spring semester of the current school year. Please visit the NISG website for additional information and deadlines.
Budget Process Guidelines

NISG Contingency Funds
Organizations may approach the Contingency for items they did not request during the normal budget process.
Contingency Funds Guidelines & Application

Pepsi Funds
The Pepsi Grant Fund was established in early 2002 by a committee assembled by Northern Iowa Student Government, using monies received by NISG as a result of the University of Northern Iowa's exclusivity agreement with Pepsi.
Pepsi Fund Guidelines & Application

Intercollegiate Academic Fund (IAF)
These funds are designed to aid students and student groups for participation in academic competitions and conference presentations at state, regional, national, and international levels.
IAF Guidelines & Application

PAWprint: Fundraising Made Easy

Is your student organization looking to fundraise? If so, PAWprint is for you! PAWprint is UNI’s online fundraising platform, it’s similar to Kickstart or GoFundMe. This was created to help students, student organizations, faculty, and staff raise money for any specific project that benefits UNI students or the UNI community.

It works through the power of social media. Any group project that has a compelling story, a committed project team, and a social media/network reach can do this! The benefit to using PAWprint is that you will have support and guidance from UNI Foundation staff to make your project successful. Student organizations on our campus have raised over $5,000 for their organization using this resource and so can you!

You can get your project approved today!  You can visit to see past and current projects!

Interested or have questions? Contact the Student Philanthropy Graduate Assistant at or 319-273-6409.

It is highly recommended that you contact Pam Creger in the Office of Student Life to begin planning for accessing your allocated NISG Budget monies as soon as you begin planning your event (minimally 4-6 weeks out from your event date). At this time we can plan for the expenses you anticipate, the best vendors to use, and how to handle payment for your expenses. Contact Pam at 319-273-2683 or

Whenever possible, it is best to request that the vendor you work with directly bill your student organization, in care of University of Northern Iowa/Office of Student Life. If you have any questions on this process, please contact Pam Creger in the Office of Student Life. In some cases it will not be possible for the vendor to bill your organization. For example, if your organization has received funding for project supplies that you will purchase from a craft store,someone from your organization will need to pay for the items and then request reimbursement from the Office of Student Life.

The process for that is as follows:
1) Stop into the Office of Student Life and bring the original receipt from vendor showing method of payment (VISA, check, cash etc.) Reimbursements can only be made from original receipts,so please make sure to keep them.
2) You will be asked to fill out a form indicating which program the purchase relates to from your Budgeted Funds request and to whom reimbursement should be made. Reimbursements will only be issued for specific line items in your allocated budget.

The Office of Student Life will process the Request for Payment through the Office of Business Operations and a check will be mailed directly to the party being reimbursed. If your organization has a checking account, it is best to use that for any expenses that cannot be directly billed. Do not have an individual from the organization pay for the expenses and then get reimbursed by the organization checking account. This will involve much more paperwork to submit to Business Operations and may be denied.